Lively Pinto


Ceramic tiffin carrier by Lively Ware

Width (cm): 17
Height (cm): 27
Weight (k.g): 1.5

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Complete with wooden rack made by skilled artisans, this functional ‘pinto’ or tiffin carrier employs the traditional painstaking process of making hand-painted stoneware. Its molding process uses bare hands. The raw firing process requires 9 hours in the kiln at 750°C to produce the so-called “biscuit” with perfect clay texture. While Cobalt Oxide glaze gives the items beautiful blue color patterns, the following clear glaze coating and firing in the kiln at 1250°C for 16 hours makes it a safe and durable everyday object.

This tiffin is truly a piece of art created with attention to details. Combination of natural wood and clay also makes it an environmental friendly product for your daily life.

Designed and made in Thailand

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 27 cm


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